Most people in the gym know he or she should consume protein before and after a workout. Resistance training breaks down muscle, which requires a fresh infusion of amino acids to repair and rebuild it.

If your lifting weights and you don’t consume protein its almost totally counterproductive. Now listen to me carefully ‘WHEN YOU WORK OUT, YOUR MUSCLES ARE PRIMED TO RESPOND TO PROTEIN, and you have a window of opportunity to promote muscle growth. Protein also helps build enzymes that allow your body to adapt. The question is how much protein, when and what kind? So, this is what I recommend: split your doses of protein, eating half 30min before the workout and the other 30min after. Approximately 20grams post workout protein to maximize muscle growth.

A simple protein shake or nutrition bar is most portable and convenient. BUT THE MORE TIME AND THOUGHT YOU PUT INTO IT, THE MORE BENEFITS YOU’LL RECEIVE, BECAUSE THE QUICKEST OPTION IS NOT USUALLY THE BEST ONE. Be truthful to yourself and you will be happy with the outcome. WHOLE FOODS PROVIDE HIGHER QUALITY OF PROTEINS, CARBS, AND FATS YOUR BODY NEEDS. For a quick fix, pair protein with a carbohydrate like sweet potatoes, some turkey and/or almond butter with rice cakes or some sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel)for instance. Live it, breath it, be it. Good Luck!

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